Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 136
Current Weight: 123 lbs
Current Goal: 110 lbs

I'm twenty-one years young, and I've been disgusted and self-conscious about my body since I was about twelve. I would starve myself for awhile, purge, and then go on a binge streak. It was bad. My weight fluctuated a lot, but I was never thin. I kept myself isolated and became a very shy person which made high school and community college a miserable experience. I felt too self-conscious to try and make friends. I wasted a lot of my youth. It's time to take control of my life. I want to feel beautiful and proud of myself. I'm going to stand a little straighter and walk with a little more confidence. I'm going to better myself and love myself and make the best of my life.

2 0 1 2
JULY: 136 lbs
DECEMBER: 128 lbs

2 0 1 3
JANUARY: 123 lbs
FEBRUARY: 125 lbs